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Vac-U-Tug™ New Vac-U-Soling! Click HERE for more information. Vac-U-Duck™  
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181 Great Photos from Saint Louis Admirals 2005 Regatta. Click HERE!

130 Great Photos from the Chattanooga 2006 Regatta. Click HERE!

The Dawn of a New Duck.
   222 Photos of 2006 SAWS IN VALDOSTA GEORGIA. Click HERE!  
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Vac-U-Fletcher 1:144 Scale Model Ship  
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Vac-U-CrackerTM Aftermarket Parts Vac-U-Tow™
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  Vac-U-Tow 2™

Vac-U-Vee Jr.™

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Can the tug handle rough water?

RC Scale Boats - Episode RCH-304

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In this episode, Chris Chianelli features the Elliot Bay Steam Launch, from Midwest Products©. This small scale boats runs on a steam-powered engine. Everything needed comes in the kit and the boat can be built over a weekend. Also on this episode, Chris highlights other popular scale boat models including: Midwest Products' PT-109©, Midwest's Down East Lobster Boat©, Horizon Hobby's Fishing Trawler©, and an electric tug boat from Vac-U-Boat©. The in-studio portion of the episode demonstrates how a steam engine works and how to assemble the steam engine in the boat. Then Chris visits a scenic lake just outside Atlanta, Georgia where members of the Southeastern Boat Modeler's Club join in for a scale boat regatta.


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The Vac-U-Tug Jr. is designed for beginner scale modelers, or for more experienced modelers to build for their young boating friends. 

It makes a handy recovery boat for all types of craft. It's slow speed, rubber rub rails and long run times make it an ideal "club boat" for inexperienced visitors to operate without hazard to other boats in the water.

The lightweight polystyrene kit features heavy duty hardware components made of brass & stainless steel that require very little maintenance for years of service.

Our line of Vac-U-Ducks have durable polyethylene bodies and share brass and stainless steel drive components with the Vac-U-Tug.

The Vac-U-Cam is possibly the only production  R/C Model Camera Boat manufactured in the USA!

The Vac-U-Tow towboat kit is the world's first beginner's Towboat Kit for those new to the hobby. The kit comes complete with motor, drive, rudders, and flankers.

The Vac-U-Cracker is our first fast-electric kit. A 1:10 Scale Crackerbox kit that is as close to a "beginner" kit as I could make it. Call it "advanced beginner". Read the instructions and see if you are up to the challenge!

The Vac-U-Pickle is our first fast-electric hydroplane hull. A fully-assembled semi-scale Pickle-Fork Hydroplane Hull with optional hatch covers to allow it to resemble several boats.

 Prices are listed on the Kits & Accessories page along with other available accessories and replacement parts. We can accept credit cards through PayPal's internet pay system. Personal checks are welcome as well.


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