1:10 Scale Crackerbox Kit

Updated kit with new instructions below. Instructions are online to save trees and postage. Changes include a 1/8" hot-pressed mahogany transom reinforcement visible from inside the hull, and a ribbed reinforcement with six gluing clamps for the bow-end of the deck for a stronger hull.

Length: 19-15/16 in.   Beam: 7-3/8 in.   

Weight: (Finished boat + standard receiver, servo, and speed control) 25.6 +/- ounces, without battery.

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For Radio Control, Manufactured by Vac-U-Boat

Vac-U-Cracker™ Build Tips, Owner Feedback, & Modifications
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Motors & Cooling Speed Controls Glue & Sealants Weight, Trim & Balance Recovery & Repair Paint & Decals

New Reinforcement for the forward deck is now included.

Toolbox that will store and transport the Vac-U-Cracker.

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To save a few trees, the instructions can be downloaded here.


This is a PDF images of the instructions and a Tips & Tricks page. To download and review, click the thumbnail below. You will need Acrobat Reader on your computer to open the files.

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Vac-U-Cracker™ Plastic Kit which includes:

Downloadable 12 pages of easy-to-follow instructions including 114 photographs, a 12-Piece expertly-crafted white High-Impact-Polystyrene vacuum-formed plastic hull including a unique hull liner that combines with the hull to form a lightweight, sharp-edged, rigid hull, a pre-cut hot-pressed Mahogany Ply Transom Reinforcement, two pieces of hook&loop to attach radio gear, esc, and battery to the hull, building supplies including 20 large paper clips, 6 clothes pins, sand paper, epoxy brushes, paint-stirring stick, and a pair of really cheap ratchet clamps. 


The "Vac-U-Cracker™ Complete Kit" also includes the following hardware packages. 

(Or, you can purchase them separately.)

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Vac-U-Cracker™ Drive Package which includes:

Thick-wall six-inch brass Stern Tube with Oilite® Sleeve Bearings pressed into each end, a 1/8" diameter stainless steel Prop Shaft, an Octura® X431 Racing Prop, a brass Drive Dog and Prop Nut, a 1/8" Aluminum Shaft Coupling with 2 set screws and 2 hex wrenches, and a 1/8" all stainless steel Ball Thrust Bearing.


KitRudderPkg1.jpg (33524 bytes)
Vac-U-Cracker™ Rudder Package which includes:

Bronze polyethylene injection-molded "Tilt-Up Blade" Rudder with a Stainless Steel blade designed for use with the included Bru-Line™ Pushrod Boot. (Visible blade is 2 inches high x 3/4 inch wide at the bottom and 1 inch wide at the top. Includes 4 stainless steel mounting screws, a stainless steel pushrod, and a Du-Bro® "EZ-Connector.


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Vac-U-Cracker™ Trim Package which includes:

A wonderfully-crafted stainless steel "double shark fin" Turn Fin, two mirror-finish stainless steel trim tabs with oval mounting holes for adjustment, and four stainless steel mounting screws. Tab bottoms are 1-3/8 inches deep and 1-3/4 inches wide. Tab top mount is 5/8 inches high. Screw holes are 1-1/4 inches on-center. Turn Fin blades are 7/8 inches tall and 1-5/8 inches long at the top.


KitMotorMountPkg1.jpg (44385 bytes)
Vac-U-Cracker™ Motor Mount Package which includes:

An 80-degree 3/32 inches thick aluminum 550 motor mount (50% thicker than other mounts), a 2 inch x 3 inch x 1/8 inch marine plywood base with pre-installed 6-32 T-Nuts, 6-32 Mount Screws, and M-3 Motor Mount Screws. 


Vac-U-Cracker™ Hatch-Stand Assembly now separately available. Part # CB108.

Use in your scratch-built 1:10 scale cracker box. Includes Stand, Hatch (Drivers & Motor), assortment of seven air intakes, three drivers heads with three neck-mounts. Hatch has a slight curve left to right. Trims to 4-1/2 inches X 9-7/8 inches.