RC Warship Combat Products

1:144 Scale Ships & Accessories for RC Warship Combat

Non-Combat true-scale models available soon.

How to order: Email me at philpace@vac-u-boat.com 

Let me know what you need and I'll quote postage for your order.


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Combat Vac-U-Fletcher

Complete Hull Kit as shown $110.00.

Hull Kit with rudder package but without motor-to-propeller drive & servo package $65.00.


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Combat Vac-U-Gearing

Complete Hull Kit as shown $120.00.

Hull Kit with rudder package but without motor-to-propeller drive & servo package $75.00.



This is good stuff to get you started. There may be better stuff available but get your ship working first, then you can determine for yourself what upgrades will help you in battle.


Replacement Deck Assemblies

For battle damage repair or to install alternate cannon configurations. Includes all plastic parts for the deck and superstructure plus brass gun barrels.

Click image for instructions to copy matching hole pattern from old deck to new deck.


Fletcher Destroyer Replacement Deck $22.00. Includes deck, 2nd deck & accessories, 2 torpedo bases, 6 gun barrels, 5 gun screws & 6 deck screws.


Gearing Destroyer Replacement Deck $22.00. Includes deck, 2nd deck & accessories, 1 torpedo base, 5 gun barrels, 3 gun screws & 6 deck screws.


7-inch unthreaded precision shafts

For using set-screw attached metal props from Battlers Connection.

Add $4.00 for a pair or substitute for the included threaded shafts-drive dogs-props-prop nuts at no additional charge.


Basic Bilge Pump

Click image for installation instructions.

1/2 Unit Bilge Pump Assembly:  $11.00.  Bilge Replacement Pump (without discharge tube or bamboo skewer):  $6.00.

An economical basic 1/2-Unit destroyer-sized pump assembly that will get the job done. Ready to solder to your connectors. Replacement pump includes enlarged inlet, honed outlet and debris filter ring attached.

Not recommended for anything larger than a destroyer.


Beverage Industry Magnetic Regulator Mount

For the EBAY Homebrew Beverage 150psi regulator. Optionally includes two G-1/8 (1/8"BSP) plugs, one with a 3/32"OD brass tube soldered in place to fit Clippard 1/8" pneumatic hose.

Magnetic Regulator Mount $4.00.     Magnetic Regulator Mount plus two brass G-1/8 (1/8"BSP) plugs, one with a 3/32"OD brass tube soldered in place to fit Clippard 1/8" pneumatic hose. $8.00.

Instructions to remove the regulator's gauge and brass adapter and install the two plugs. Yes, this voids any warranty on the regulator so make sure it works first!

They are sold on Ebay. You will find two similar models available. The newer one has larger internal air passages and is constructed with serviceable O-Rings instead of custom rubber baffles. 

Identify the new model by the small straight-sided pressure adjusting knob, the taller upper body and the seam where the upper and lower halves are threaded together is closer to the brass ports.

Some identical models are advertised as 60psi regulators. Don't buy a 60psi regulator. 

Magnetic holder for your regulator. Designed for the narrow bow area. Tilted to keep the liquid CO2 out of the regulator. Works with both the 12g (left) and 16g (right) CO2 cartridges.

Shown as sold on left. On the right, it can be sanded to keep the regulator and CO2 bottle as low as possible.



 Poppet Valve Actuator made for Clippard MAV-2

Lightweight unit connects a standard Clippard MAV-2 #10-32 2-way valve to a Turnigy TGY-9025MG metal gear servo for firing your cannon. All screws, pin & pushrod are stainless steel.


Click image for short YouTube video.

Click image for instructions.

Poppet Trigger Housing $10.00. Does not include the Clippard MAV-2 poppet valve, 10-32 x 1/16 hose barbs, hose clamps (Available at Battlers Connection http://battlersconnection.com/ ) or the TGY-9025MG servo. (Available at Hobby King.) 


Wiring Pigtail Sets

Silicone insulated 20AWG 10cm male & female wiring pigtails with JST connectors to build wiring harnesses to connect your motors & bilge pump to your equipment. Includes approximately one-inch of clear shrink tube per pair.

$1.00 per pair.



JST 20AWG Wiring Battery Splitter Harnesses - 1:2 and 1:3


1 Female (battery) to 2 Male (ESC + Bilge Pump Switch) $******* ea.



1 Female (battery) to 3 Male (ESC + Bilge Pump + Cannon Solenoid) $******* ea.



Waterproofed Electronic Speed Control with counter-rotating Y-Harness for motors

Epoxy encapsulated 10A reversing ESC prewired to run your motors in opposite directions. $12.00 each.

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Click image for instructions.

Waterproofed Electronic Speed Control for Bilge Pump

Epoxy encapsulated 10A ESC with JST connectors which can economically run your bilge pump although an electronic switch is recommended.


(For those who have been monitoring this page, the "Avenger" cannon had some design limitations and wasn't as hard-hitting as a basic "Fast Gun" cannon. The "Predator" is the newly developed replacement, so named because it loosely resembles that dreadlock-wearing alien we all know and love. Like the Avenger, the Predator will fire at just about any up or down angle but it is capable of reliably single-firing bb's at a much greater velocity, like other conventional cannon designs. This version will fit into the bow or stern of a destroyer. It's receiver may be more visible once installed, but painted grey, it won't detract from the overall appearance of the ship. 

Predator Bow/Stern Cannon (Fits Fletcher and Gearing installed as a bow or stern gun.)

Newly-designed, lightweight, Foster breach, magnetic-receiver, 50-round bb cannon to rain fire down upon the enemy. Designed to fit on the bow or stern of the Fletcher, Sumner & Gearing destroyers. 

Coming soon!

All cannons assembled & test-fired. Include spare O-Rings.

These cannons are available for shipping only within the United States.

Cannon-equipped ships should only to be used following the Safety Rules and guidelines of the International Radio Controlled Warship Combat Club under the rules of a NAMBA-affiliated group.