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  The Needham, MA's Minuteman MYC tug fleet. They are used by children at the Pappas School for Disabled Children, known locally as the Massechusetts Hospital School. The kids use the tugs to play water polo.  
Paul M.'s Grandson's Tug. Sharp paint job. Copper colored prop and brass drive fittings look nice.
Charlie's Tug ready for its first voyage. Max's Tug in Pueblo, CO. No skimping on details.
Art's Cindy B with crew, Philip C's Tug in the Gulf and a ferry full of cars!
Rob's recovery tug with added details including an external of/off switch, mast, life rings, exhaust,  tire bumpers (Pinewood Derby car tires), and nice looking front and rear bumpers made of a Duratrax DTXC4841 slick RC motorcycle tire. Rich's tug rescue. See "Tug Customer Comments" for story.
Howard's Wife's new tug, the Sharon M. Douglas B's Rescue Tug. Note the flashing LED emergency lights.
 Rig to recover his Miss Vegas hydro. Mike & Son's new boats next to the 5 year old Mickey S. Read about the build at:
Jack's tug in Ohio. Douglas's tug. With help from his daughters!
Alan's tug with plans to set up an FPV camera to live the experience of driving a tugboat. Great name.... Fred's tug, almost done. 

Walmart white jewelry chain, o-ring for portholes and staples for steps/ladder.

Mark's R.E. Lee Tug - Custom deck. Real R.E. Lee tug the build was based upon.
Stanley's Rescue Tug. Click to LINK to his site. Ed S's Tug. Running on 3S LiPo! Bill G.'s tug. Started in Houston Texas. Finished in Switzerland!
Steve S.'s "Tug-O" 2nd Place at Mid Vancouver Island Marine Modelers Annual Mall Show in March 2010 at Nanaimo BC. The club has four Vac-U-Tugs in their fleet.
Ken L.'s SUZY -Q using the tug as a base for the scratch-built superstructure. The Sharon J from Ray. Will be a working rescue boat for the group. Official launch of the Salvage Tug Sharon J on Comox Lake

Ken's son Alex built & painted this tug based on local commercial tugs.   The barge is made of 4 old plastic organizer drawers, handles removed, connected and filled with spray foam for cargo.
Mark A's Robert E. Lee. Can you spot the Vac-U-Tug under all of this pretty stuff? Interior modifications with water pump. Deck was purchased "topless" for the custom-built superstructure.
Art's Tug from the Northwest. Scale parts from Quartermaster Ship Fittings. Scheme based on the Martha Foss tug. See the "Real Tugboats" link for a photo. He hauls is tug in this new $19.99 tool box from Lowes. Made by Stanley.
Brooks made barges made from RubberMaid styrene drawer organizers.
JohnsTug01.jpg (159573 bytes)
Ulf's Theodore Tugboat in progress and completed. John's Tug. LED running lights and cable spools on the deck. Perfect-sized tires on the sides.
BobJTug1.jpg (54110 bytes) BobJTug2.jpg (35791 bytes)
Bob Johnson's Galveston Bay club rescue tug & mark tender. Very professional looking Rescue Tug. 
Brooks Tug01.jpg (69430 bytes) Brooks Tug02.jpg (69853 bytes)
Brooks' Steam Era Vac-U-Tug. Details at Built for its new 5-Year-Old pilot, complete with Fire Monitor for squirting friends.
JohnWTug1.jpg (28827 bytes) JohnWTug2.jpg (37729 bytes)
John W's Tug build.  Nice detail on deck. 
OrcasWinnerTug06.jpg (119591 bytes)
2006 North Florida O. R. C. A. S. Regatta held October 14, 2006 Eric Wieczorek won the Grand Captainís Prize: a ready-to-run Vac-U-Tug.
The Kate Massey, named for Mike's daughter. Kate is a working-tug recovering Mike's Hydro.
JohnITug04.jpg (38513 bytes) Nov2004.jpg (48175 bytes)
John L's tug with family. Patriotic colors by Steve B.

MarksNokomis2.jpg (60153 bytes)

I had fun looking around the house and finding alternative uses for things (ie .38 Special Casings for the deck bits, grommets for the port holes and life rings, a brinkman flashlight lens for the searchlight, Wendy's salad containers for the windows, Yoplait yogurt container for the Kort Nozzle and wood coffee stir sticks for the decking) 
Another rescue vessel for the Kansas City Yacht Club and a Pearl Harbor survivor to boot! To see a video, go to the Vac-U-Tug Videos Page.


Mark A's "Spirit of USS Nokomis YT-142" Tug with Kort Nozzle, ready for sea trials. 
MarksNokomis1.jpg (71007 bytes) MarksV32undertow.jpg (90709 bytes)
Sure that's a Vac-U-Tug under there? Mark recovering a V32 for the Kansas City Yacht Club.
MattWTug.jpg (159974 bytes) DanLsRoscoTug1.jpg (46908 bytes)
Almost finished with my Vac-U-Tug.  It's been a great way to get my feet wet again after a long time away from the hobby.  The boat runs great and was a joy to build. Matt W. Dan's Rosco is done. He sent some photos of it in the water.
DanLsRoscoTug2.jpg (59123 bytes) DanLsRoscoTug3.jpg (41071 bytes)
Daytime smoke effects. You have to look close to see that this is really a Vac-U-Tug. Night time running. Build details are in the Special Boats section.
TugRescueEdgar.jpg (24795 bytes)
Can you see Jim's Old 8140 at the center of this picture? Click the photo for details. Ultimate Rescue Tug from Edgar in Puerto Rico. Used to recover gas boats with great success. 4 more pics in the Towing & Recovery section.
MarkTugDeluge01.jpg (65257 bytes) MarkTugDeluge02.jpg (35544 bytes)
Mark's model of the Fire Fighting Tug "Deluge" that was owned by the New Orleans Port Authority. More details about the real boat this model is based upon in the Real Tug Photos section.
BostonMS1.jpg (35530 bytes) BostonMS2.jpg (29735 bytes)
Erik of the Boston Model Sailing Club outfitted this tug for general recovery work. Read about the B.M.S.C. at Click on the Model Sailing Club link.
BostonMS3.jpg (64741 bytes) BostonMS4.jpg (62190 bytes)
They run Laser Sailboats, and CR-914's for free public use.
BostonMS5.jpg (59532 bytes) DamianTug01.jpg (46074 bytes)
The Vac-U-Tug helping a Vintage Model M back to shore. Damian built this tug for recovering larger sailboats. Read more at Towing & Recovery: Recovering an EC-12 & CR-914.
DonWTug.jpg (29065 bytes) CAMBAUrger2.jpg (42011 bytes)
Don W's tug racing with a Dickie Fireboat.  The CAMBA's Urger at work recovering the club's Soling One-Meter Sailboats. Read more at Towing & Recovery: Recovering a Soling One Meter.
Laurent1.jpg (85872 bytes) Laurent2.jpg (138573 bytes)
Laurent from Japan has this tug's motor upgraded and added a Graupner 3-blade prop. Added a water pump as well. Good range with this setup.
DanLTug1.jpg (75176 bytes) DanLTug2.jpg (82791 bytes)
Dan L's Rosco. The superstructure is mostly scratch-built.
DanLTug7.jpg (69391 bytes) StevensTug1.jpg (71871 bytes)
Details for this build are posted in the Special Boats section. Steven's Katie Emily named for his daughter. He has plans for a few more scale details.
StevensTug2.jpg (60161 bytes) SteveLTug1KatieEmily.jpg (72909 bytes)
During its maiden voyage, Steven's son got to rescue a PT Boat with it! New vinyl name installed.
JimMTug1.jpg (28964 bytes) JimMTug3.jpg (28892 bytes)
Jim M's tug "Old 8140". You would never guess he is new to slower "scale" boat building. Twin stack version using stacks made for the Vac-U-Tow kit. More details to follow.
TugBarry.jpg (47968 bytes) TugBarryF.jpg (47076 bytes)
Barry F's Tug from Texas. Waiting for the big waves. Barry's tug is rigged for recovering Victoria sail boats. 
Bills N scale 1.jpg (25076 bytes) TugDaveA01.jpg (43099 bytes)
Bill's Pennsylvania Railroad tug. See details in the Special Boats section. Dave A's tug from Chattanooga Tennessee. Some building notes in the Customer Comments page.
TugsJax1.jpg (71133 bytes) TugsJax3.jpg (55000 bytes)
Bob Masterson of the North Florida ORCAS sent me these photos of his and Jay K's tugs. These were taken during their February Fun Sail. Looks like a nice sunny day for such an event.
TugsJax2.jpg (57919 bytes) nancykaystbd.jpg (34898 bytes)
Bob's Nancy Kay. He built this tug with an 8.4 volt 7-cell battery with stock prop. Fire monitor has a Ford Taurus windshield washer pump.  Decals are a combination of the stock decals and some made on his computer using the Vita-Cal system. Color scheme is that of Cross State Towing boats located in Jacksonville.
TugCharlie1.jpg (74996 bytes) TugCharlie2.jpg (22311 bytes)
Charlie in San Diego built this tug. He made some nice comments you will find in the "Customer Comments" section. Only modifications are the additions of fore and aft bollards. 
BillsTug1.jpg (75449 bytes) BillsTug2.jpg (70739 bytes)
Bill in Oklahoma City built this tug. 8.4 volts and the 4-blade prop. The stack is a plastic sewing thread spool. He removed the axle to make it hollow inside and sealed it to be waterproof. Add a bit of water and dry ice for a smoke effect!
Note the tug is not intimidated by the other craft in the water. 
Doc'sTug1.jpg (53563 bytes) Doc's Tug2.jpg (32124 bytes)
Paul outfitted his 2nd tug with another type of windshield washer pump.  Finished paint and a new stack. Note the stealthy fire nozzle.
TugLaurent01.jpg (31617 bytes) TugLaurent02.jpg (35343 bytes)
Laurent's Tug from the Kijimadaira Village in Japan,  Has optional 4-blade 2-piece prop installed. Where is the antenna? 
TugPaul1a.jpg (60895 bytes) TugPaul1b.jpg (62098 bytes)
Paul L.'s 2nd tug. This is his "working" tug and has a 4-blade 2-piece prop mounted. I'm going to have to copy this cheerful color scheme.
TugPaul1.jpg (53842 bytes) TugPaul2.jpg (54556 bytes)
Paul L's tug. Very handy tip from Paul on locating the water line of the tug for painting. I need to check this out.  Before installing the deck, hold the inside of the hull to a light. From the outside, the top of the liner is almost a perfect water line. 
Rich03.jpg (35823 bytes) Rich02.jpg (43992 bytes)
Rich's Number 26. Uses a 4-blade prop. Antenna location is temporary. This photo includes notes on the next phase of construction.
DavidsTug.jpg (39252 bytes) PaulsTug.jpg (37452 bytes)
 Dave's tug is still under construction but with the colorful planking, and nice woodwork detail, more photos will follow when it is done.   Paul's tug includes a fire monitor and a festive paint scheme.
MikeSTug.jpg (41103 bytes) JimsTug.jpg (62673 bytes)
Mike's tug with recovery rig that works on gas boats. Nice color scheme. Jim's tug, the Audubon Queen, looking after a fleet of V-32's in Naples Florida.
ClassicVacUTug.jpg (40070 bytes) Carl'sTug.jpg (31546 bytes)
Classic Vac-U-Tug on the move. Tires borrowed from a toy monster truck.  Carl's new tug. I look forward to seeing his recovery rigging in action.    Portholes: Tarp grommets. Smoke Stack: 1 1/2" PVC drain pipe, cut on an angle, smooshed in a vice to make it oval. Railing: scrap 1/8" carbon fiber tube, with aluminum fence wire, barbed wall panel nails come through the deck into the tube and glued in place. (More to follow.) 
Sean1.jpg (71485 bytes) TwoBatteries.jpg (34797 bytes)
Sean (veteran builder) built this in one day and painted it the next. Whew! Nice original paint scheme. He is much better at using masking tape than I am. Less ballast, more batteries. Connected in parallel, runs for hours.
Kevin01.jpg (17472 bytes) Rob'sTugTowboat4.jpg (50904 bytes)
Kevin's tug "Little Noah". Lots of extra stuff added. More photos in the Special Boats section. Rob's new Tugboat. See it on the job in the Special Boats section.
GreenTan.jpg (28220 bytes) Frank2.jpg (63531 bytes)
Green hull with matching Bulwark, tan deck, cabin & pilot house. It's a Tug, It's a Camera Boat. It's BOTH. First look at a convertible Frank built. More photos in the Special Boats section.
Combing.jpg (25224 bytes) RedTug.jpg (131512 bytes)
Combing the water at Norris Lake. Red/Black Tug Jr. with white decals.
Inside.jpg (30485 bytes) Don11.jpg (117437 bytes)
A look inside a Tug with standard setup. Maiden voyage of Don's new Fire Boat with twin fire monitors. New details in the Special Boats section.
FireCircle.jpg (36228 bytes)  
Fire Boat making circles.