1:13 Scale Limited Sport Hydro

1:13 Scale "Super Sport" Hydro

 1:13 Scale N-2 Hydro

Length: 26 in.   Beam: 13-1/8 in.  Weight 29.5 ounces +/- empty.

(Unlimited Turbine Cowl Shown)

Designed by Garry Finlay

Fully assembled Semi-Scale Atlas Van Lines Pickle-Fork Hydroplane Hull with optional hatch covers to resemble other boats.

82 Photos of the 2008 All-Star Hydro Shoot-Out in Florida. Click HERE!


With our revolutionary Unibody Construction and Damage-Resistant Vac-U-SeamTM Technology.

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To learn about the development of the Vac-U-Pickle, click HERE!

If you are thinking of buying an un-assembled kit, read the assembly instructions page HERE.

Hardware build by Doug HERE.

Laser-Cut, Epoxy-Coated, Hot-Pressed Mahogany Ply and Graphite inner structure supporting a self-reinforcing double-hull.

Overhead view of inner structure. Other areas are reinforced with a Unibody-type structural double hull. Reinforced deck has a perimeter groove that engages with the hull for a strong impact-resistant bond.
The hull is faithful to the original design. The front carbon-fiber rod supports the sponsons, minimizing flexing. The rear sponson baffles further reinforce the sponsons and turn-fin mount.


Hot-Pressed mahogany ply laser-cut ribs that run from the transom to the front carbon-fiber tube cross-member. The transom is reinforced with a 3/16" thick hot-pressed mahogany ply reinforcement. Pre-drilled servo box in port rib made to fit a HiTec HS-225BB Mighty Mini Servo.
Radio Receiver access opening in the starboard rib. Large enough to allow for waterproof wrapping of the receiver. Rear sponson Reinforcement Baffle visible through the starboard rib. Installed Styrofoam flotation.


Flotation test with 49.1 ounces (3 pounds-2 ounces) of cargo in the hull. The hull includes this $17.00 15Brushless Motor Mount Assembly. The 15-degree mount supports a heavy brushless motor (XL Shown.) and cooling jacket.

Prototype Cowl with windshield Decal Atlas Cowl with windshield & exhaust Decals.

Unlimited Turbine Cowl with windshield, intake, exhaust, & silver turbine decals.

Atlas Profile Unlimited Turbine Profile
  Click HERE for more information on available Cowls.  

Click to see a PDF of the directions that come with the hull. Link to Adobe Reader at bottom of page.

Center is wide enough for two six-pack conventional round cells. Wide enough for Li-Poly packs as well. Lots of room to adjust the boat's Center of Gravity with the battery packs. Cowl accommodates brushed or brushless motors.
  Some Early Prototype Videos  
600 Brushed LSH setup. 1.7 MB Video. 8XL Brushless Setup. 1.7 MB Video. Maybe not a P-Sport boat. Just playing... 8XL at 51 mph. 1.6 MB Video.
Another Test    

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