Towing and Recovery

I have added this section due to the popularity of using the Vac-U-Tug Jr. as a tow boat to set marks for sailing and more recently as a recovery boat. Consider this section when designing your recovery craft.

This is a showcase of general towing theory as well as examples of recovery rigging that works for different kinds of craft you want to recover with the Vac-U-Tug Junior. Submit your own working solution to your club's towing or recovery needs.

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General Towing Theory.

A demonstration of three points of contact on the tug for towing and their affect on the tug's maneuverability.

Tow05.jpg (24405 bytes)
Sailing Marks 

Easy and inexpensive to make yet are rugged enough to last several seasons. See how ODOM ATLANTA uses these.

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Recovering a Victoria Sail Boat.

An effective catch bracket that uses the side stay to hold the tug and sail boat together.


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Recovering a Soling 1 Meter.

With a prototype power upgrade, the Vac-U-Tug Jr. can wrestle a Ten Pound Soling 1M.

Tug Motor Upgrade Kit shown. 

Soling1M6.jpg (120449 bytes)
Recovering an EC-12 & CR-914

Damian has another idea on a versatile recovery arm for the tug. He installed the Tug Motor Upgrade kit to handle the larger boats.


Tug Motor Upgrade Kit needed for very large boats like the Soling. Click on the photo for more information.
Recovering a Sea Plane!

A whole new market for R/C Scale towing services!

SeaPlane2.jpg (22732 bytes)
Recovering an ODOM Sail Boat.

After setting your marks, your tug can serve double-duty as a recovery craft with this bracket. The initial testing went well. Difficult to turn in one direction. Tug could use a little more power. 


TowOdom0.jpg (69195 bytes)
Texas Longhorn Lid

 Designed by Jim in Wisconsin. Slips over the cabin to recover Kyosho Sea Dolphins. 


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Boat In A Box

Nice way to transport your tug from Michael M. 


MichaelTug1.jpg (29933 bytes)
Retractable Arms 

Retractable tow arms for sail boat recovery. Just an idea...


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Towing Fast Electrics & Scale Boats. TowTennis1.jpg (57813 bytes)
Ultimate Rescue Tug from Edgar in Puerto Rico. Here are some photos of the recovery of his 1/8 scale Miss Budweiser. Made from an aluminum frame covered with swimming noodles.    
TugRescueEdgar.jpg (24795 bytes) TugEdgarN1.jpg (54559 bytes)
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