Vac-U-Soling Lower Hull Kit.

Coming soon.

Pending review and approval by the AMYA Soling One Meter Class Secretary. Availability and pricing to follow.

We are in the review process. If approved as a Soling One Meter Class Hull, we will begin obtaining materials in quantity and manufacturing kits for sale.

Instructions will be posted soon.  

This is NOT your father's Soling.

Features include:

Removable fully completed 7 pound keel with options to special-order lighter or heavier weights, completed rudder with Du-Bro rudder arm, stainless pushrod and ez-connector for your servo, self-aligning rudder mount, integral transom on the hull, no wood components, fiberglass deck cleat backers, pre-drilled self-centering keel mount fiberglass servo board/crossmember, stainless steel keel mount, stainless steel deck hardware, plastic mast step, magnetically attached hatch cover, removable carbon fiber king post, industrial-ceramic deck fairleads, tongue-in-groove perimeter deck joint to hull, full deck, partial hull and transom reinforcing liners that can be trimmed/adjusted for weight savings. Crossmember accommodates sail servos from standard footprint high-torque digital models all the way up to the HS-815BB large servo. Rudder servo is mounted near the rudder or can be mounted on the crossmember. There are no bulkheads giving you better access to the hull's interior.  

Does not include paint, sails, mast, booms, sail rigging or electronics. We are considering a basic sail mast-rigging kit for release in the future.

Photos of the first prototype build:

Click on photos to enlarge.

Fully reinforced deck. No special tools required. Assemble with clothes pins and soup cans. Reinforced hull with integral reinforced transom.
Reinforcements can be trimmed to reduce weight. Deck cleats are backed with precut fiberglass board. Keel mount crossmember brace doubles as a sheet servo & switch mount.
Lightweight rudder servo mount aligns to prebuilt rudder mount. No bulkheads. No wood. Clean interior. Tongue-in-groove deck/hull joint for maximum strength.
Lots of room for bow access. Lots of room in the stern. Sail rigging can be as simple as this.
Clean deck with sheet adjustments. Stainless Steel deck hardware. Standard fiberglass crossmember with marked templates for several types of servos

or for attaching your custom rigging.

Crossmembers made for popular servos. Crossmembers can be removed from the completed model with a hex wrench.  

Standard crossmember precut for a standard servo footprint.