Photos and Videos of Vac-U-Tow Boats submitted by owners.

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William Z. who is new to RC boating made these clever modifications. Great work incorporating the solid railings into the hull deisgn.
Brian built this Towboat for the Namba District 16 Rescue Boat. It has lights, bilge pump and a GoPro Camera mount.
Great folding rescue rig. And it all fits into this nice Stanley Fatmax 28 inch toolbox!
Wayne's Towboat out of Surrey, British Columbia. Barnacle Bob's Towing Service from British Columbia. Nice work!
NAVY Theme on this towboat from Bill P. Looks like a little welding has been going on...
Wonderful details on this towboat from Andrew in Hong Kong. Radar, working lights, nice hand rails under the windows.
RandyLTow1.jpg (54689 bytes) RandyLTow3.jpg (53584 bytes)
Randy L's Lorraine Z. Of the Hoosier Towing Company
GarysToriAnn2.jpg (46113 bytes) GarysToriAnn3.jpg (63752 bytes)
Gary's Tori Ann - Looks Real! Now, we just need a barge to push!
KarlWTow1.jpg (86640 bytes) KarlWTow2.jpg (40484 bytes)
Karl W's flag ship. Real paint work! Not photo-shopped.
JoesTow01.jpg (127139 bytes) BlueTow.jpg (61950 bytes)
Towboat Joe showcases a Vac-U-Tow build on his website. Click the photo to go there! Don't have a set of barges? Make your own out of storage containers.
KenPTow1.jpg (33525 bytes) KenPTow2.jpg (21080 bytes)
Ken P's new towboat. We met at last year's Saint Louis Admirals Regatta. He is working on the finishing touches including railings, running lights, & other stuff. 
MorinJsMVBrandon1.jpg (33813 bytes) MorinJsMVBrandon2.jpg (34213 bytes)
Would you believe the MV Brandon is Morin J's first model boat? Runs on 8 cells.  Well, he has been building model trains for 30 years so now you know where he developed the skills. Named after his grandsons Brandon & Nicholas!
ThomasL01.jpg (51951 bytes) ThomasL02.jpg (57340 bytes)
Thomas in Hong Kong built this customized Vac-U-Tow. Details are flawless.  Pilot House is scratch-built. Looks like it is ready to do some serious work.
JamesL1.jpg (28694 bytes) EarlE.jpg (28355 bytes)
James in Naples Florida is about to push a submarine-shaped barge. Great spot for a night float! Earl in Chattanooga TN sent this photo of his Vac-u-Tow and a scratch-built Barge for it to push. 
TowGaryJ2.jpg (32880 bytes) TowGaryJ1.jpg (31852 bytes)
Gary J. is about 85% done here. He plans to install Radar, Flag pole, Winches, Handrails, Nav Lights and of course, doors. Last but not least... her name: Tori Ann  after his daughter.
FreddieMac01.jpg (50248 bytes) FreddieMac04.jpg (49686 bytes)
Freddie's FREDDIE MACK The Freddie Mac hard at work with a single barge in tow (took longer to build the barge than the tow boat). Need more barges....
The hand rails on the FREDDIE MAC are Styrene. Posts are .080 round, cut 3/4" long , the top and bottom rails are .040 round. I drilled holes 1/4" from the top of the posts with #58 drill. The hand rails on the steps were heated with match and shaped & formed. The flag pole is a antenna tube from a RC truck that also holds the antenna for the boat. The flag is home- made from a cotton rag. The spot lights are plastic plugs from 3/8" steel tubing. The radar is 1/4" copper tubing mashed out flat.
FreddieMac02.jpg (50167 bytes)


FreddieMac03.jpg (42061 bytes)
Freddie worked for Crounce Corp. about 35 years ago, on a Green River boat, (ALICE) much like the one the Vac-U-Tow was made from. Extra stack added to simulate a twin-screw boat. 
JimM1.jpg (38904 bytes) JimM2.jpg (38941 bytes)
Jim says this is about 95% done. Looks more like 100%
JimM3.jpg (39386 bytes) JimM4.jpg (29435 bytes)
Larger photos will follow. Hey, where is the "V" for Vac-U-Boat?
JimM6.jpg (37071 bytes) KevinTow.jpg (36443 bytes)
Railings are done with styrene tubing from Tower Hobbies. Kevin sent these camera-phone pics of his. Nice window details. He did some vinyl-cutting of his own for the trim & window detail. 
DaveATow3.jpg (37195 bytes) DaveATow4.jpg (59505 bytes)
Dave A. finished his Vac-U-Tow. Very scale-looking railings. Nice roof details as well.
DaveB1.jpg (40459 bytes) DaveB4.jpg (36603 bytes)
David B. from Kentucky completed this towboat. He added railings and some cleats to the kit.
DaveB3.jpg (38107 bytes) DaveB5.jpg (42698 bytes)
Nice color scheme.  A look inside. I think this boat would run all day on these batteries. 
DaveATow1.jpg (60106 bytes) DaveATow2.jpg (44895 bytes)
Dave A. in Chattanooga sent me these two awesome build pics. Looks like its going to be pretty when its done!
TowDoc1.jpg (208406 bytes) TowDoc2.jpg (202858 bytes)
Paul's words of wisdom. One of the first pictures of a completed kit submitted.
TowDoc3.jpg (373001 bytes) VacUTow74.jpg (36318 bytes)
The flag pattern set to real life is a nice touch. Ready for deck detailing.