Vac-U-Vee Jr.

20" Deep Vee RC Boat Hull Kit


Length: 19-15/16 in.   Beam: 7-3/8 in.  Empty Hull with Cowl weighs 13.3 ounces +/- .  

The double-hull is reinforced with a full ribbed liner preserving sharp edges yet having the double-hull strength of fiberglass. The front deck is reinforced with a ribbed liner. The transom reinforcement and motor base are 3/16" Hot-Pressed Mahogany Plywood. The long reinforced motor mount hull recess can accommodate a motor-forward straight-shaft surface drive like the Crackerbox CB102 Drive Package , or a rear-set motor for a flex-shaft surface drive for maximum speed. 

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Available as a Kit.       Three Versions are available:

VJ100 - The economical Plastic Hull-Only kit includes the Hull, Hull Reinforcement, 3/16” hot-pressed mahogany plywood Transom, Deck, Deck Reinforcement, teardrop Hatch Cover, Boat
Stand and decal set. (No motor mount, no hardware, no assembly bits.)

VJ101 - The Full Kit includes a Hull, Hull Reinforcement, 3/16” hot-pressed mahogany plywood Transom, Deck, forward Deck Reinforcement, teardrop Hatch Cover, Aluminum Motor Mount with 3/16” hot-pressed mahogany Base with pre-installed 6-32 blind nuts, stainless motor mount socket head screws, motor mount stainless washers, hex wrench, M3 motor socket head screws, motor washers, motor hex wrench, molded Boat Stand with pre-cut foam mount pads, an easy-to-apply combined windshield and roof hatch decal set, side decals, six deck reinforcement clamps (clothes pins) two really cheap ratchet clamps, a wood scrap to clamp the transom, an epoxy brush and a piece of 100 grit sandpaper.

VJ102 -  Full Kit purchased with CB102 straight drive assembly and CB103 rudder assembly hardware kits:

KitPropShaftPkg1.jpg (11034 bytes) Vac-U-Cracker™ Drive PackageThick-wall six-inch brass Stern Tube with Oilite® Sleeve Bearings pressed into each end, a 1/8" diameter stainless steel Prop Shaft, an Octura® X431 Racing Prop, a brass Drive Dog and Prop Nut, a 1/8" Aluminum Shaft Coupling with 2 set screws and 2 hex wrenches, and a 1/8" all stainless steel Ball Thrust Bearing. CB102 $24.00
KitRudderPkg1.jpg (33524 bytes) Vac-U-Cracker™ Rudder Package. Bronze polyethylene injection-molded "Tilt-Up Blade" Rudder with a Stainless Steel blade designed for use with the included Bru-Line™ Pushrod Boot. (Visible blade is 2 inches high x 3/4 inch wide at the bottom and 1 inch wide at the top. Includes 4 stainless steel mounting screws, a stainless steel pushrod, and a Du-Bro® "EZ-Connector. CB103 $16.00

Instructions are ON-LINE. No printed instructions will be included unless requested.

Instructions for Hull and Hardware Installation.

Hardware build with Straight-Shaft Vac-U-Cracker drive and rudder. aaaaa Vee Jr. Hull Instructions.


aaaaa Hardware build with Hughey-type Flex Shaft and Aluminum rudder.

This is what happens when someone suggested putting a Vee-Hull under a Crackerbox Deck.

Photo shows the original Crackerbox Hull Master being milled into a Vee-Hull.


For Radio Control, Manufactured by Vac-U-Boat

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