Photos and Videos of Vac-U-Cracker™ Boats submitted by owners.

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Eric's "Unlimited" Crackerbox. Sweet paint job. 1800kv brushless motor on 3S w/ surface prop! Kyle's new Cracker in Hawaii
Robert's P-49 Excellent decals and trim paint. Looks good on the water too!
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Jim's Crackerbox. Heads actually swivel with the rudder. Go to the Cracker Videos. Bright colors!
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Teri's Aquamole stock Crackerbox. Reed's Vac-U-Cracker. Ready to Rumble. John's brushless cracker with a conventional sub-surface drive.
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Starting line of Winter Race Doug's at 37 MPH. Surface drive & brushless motor. Doug's coming in for a landing!
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Mike's Crackerbox Matt's Crackerbox Phil's Crackerbox

These are some "prototype" photos. Production Vac-U-Crackers™ have a bronze-colored rudder with a stainless steel blade.

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Nice stainless steel "double-shark fin" turn fin. Notice I eliminated a molded skeg resulting in a very flat hull bottom. This boat is painted with Krylon Fusion paint. Instead of a skeg, the stern tube is thick brass that is strong enough to resist impact damage. Oilite® sleeve bearings support a stainless 1/8" shaft. The bow has a laser-cut 3/32" thick motor mount that will not flex in rough seas. A 1/8" plywood motor mount base will be used in the final model instead of this PVC sheet one shown.
Cracker04.jpg (39427 bytes) Cracker05.jpg (49763 bytes) Cracker06.jpg (54417 bytes)
The stern is flat, allowing you to locate your battery and hardware anywhere you wish. The transom is reinforced with 1/8" PVC sheet. The floor also reinforces the lower hull giving great strength yet remaining lightweight. I didn't get the paint finished in time for the Chattanooga Invitational. Had to remove the red decals as they were not compatible with the hatch tape I used. This is Casey's kit. Note the smooth deck. I didn't have the helmet molds completed until the day before the Chattanooga Invitational. As a result, many of the prototypes have missing heads.
Cracker07.jpg (50580 bytes) Cracker08.jpg (51879 bytes) Cracker09.jpg (66131 bytes)
Doug built the "Moov Over". He is hoping Chick Filet will sponsor him... Most of the prototypes were built with water-cooling. Chris built this one. Note the spark plug wires. The kit comes with a choice of 7 different air cleaners for the motor. Mike made the Curb Side. He added header pipes to the motor.
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Here are a few passes to show how little of the boat actually stays in contact with the water. We are still working on the best trim tab for the hull. I won the oval course without trim tabs. However, I was upside down on the M course.