1:48 Scale Parts & Scale Prop Sources

Also known as railroad modeling "O" scale.

Please let me know if you have any additional sources.

Description on left, Active LINKS on right.

Lots of tiny parts and a great catalog comes with your order! 
Click the "O-Scale Modeling" link at the top of their home page. oakridgehobbies.com, Oakridge Hobbies & Toys
Scale tires for your tug at loyalhannadockyard. http://www.loyalhannadockyard.com/BOAT%20FENDER%20TIRES.htm
Figures, equipment, and several scales of architectural items.
Walthers model railroad supplier.
Ships n' Things. U.S. Distributor for scale RABOESCH Brass Propellers. 


Prop Shop Props. Cast brass & bronze props made the old fashion way. For all kinds of boats.
Scale Brass Prop page. Bore or thread not mentioned. May have to email to get additional information.