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  Foss Tug from the Fairhaven Shipyard in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks Art!  
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While working to repair hurricane damage in New Orleans, Mark A. found this old tug that was anchored off Chef Mentur Highway east of New Orleans. He quickly snapped a few pictures and did some research on it.  He found out it is the Fire Fighting Tug "Deluge" that was owned by the  New Orleans Port Authority and classified as a National Historic Place. The DELUGE is the oldest surviving fireboat associated with the Port of New Orleans. The present owner of the Deluge is apparently not able to preserve or restore the Fire Fighting Tug. It is a shame to see it in this condition :( 
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Mark decided to try to build an r/c model to honor the "Deluge" and it's service. Jim M. sent this just to prove that there is a tug out there with a "V" on it's hull! "Theodore Too" on display.
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"Edward M. Cotter" in Cleveland on the Cuyahoga River right near lake Erie. "Edward M. Cotter" Water Display Harbor Tug in the same area.
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"Robert B. Turecamo" another Moran in Savannah. "Vincent Turecamo" and "Greg Turecamo" Moran Tugs in Savannah GA. Another view of Greg Turecamo.