Photos Of Real Tow Boats to inspire Vac-U-Tow Builders. 

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The Vac-U-Tow was inspired by the Crounse Line of single-screw towboats. Click the photo to see details of the Patsy Coleman.

MabelL01.jpg (49422 bytes) MabelL02.jpg (47091 bytes)
Mark A. captured the Mabel L in New Orleans. Apparently working hard on a Saturday.
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Heading North? This tiny-yet-powerful towboat pushes a barge with an excavator on it near Punta Gorda Florida. Cleaning up hurricane damage.
Yvonne Conway.jpg (281987 bytes) E. Bronson Ingram.jpg (213004 bytes)
Barry sent this photo of a twin-screw Crounse boat, the Yvonne Conway in Kentucky. Also, the E. Bronson Ingram at Nashville Tennessee.
TowRealJoeAnnilou.jpg (97646 bytes) TowRealJoeapac03.jpg (141474 bytes)
Annilou taken at Vicksburg, MS. Similar scale to the Vac-U-Tow. Apac Leader taken at confluence of Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, Cairo, IL
TowReal01.jpg (40806 bytes) TowReal02.jpg (27620 bytes)
Don caught these two work boats coming together in a bit of a contest. At full throttle, they were likely not just shaking hands.
TowReal03.jpg (64913 bytes) TowReal04.jpg (39815 bytes)
This tow boat has a shallow V hull. More photos from Don in Cincinnati
TowReal05.jpg (51315 bytes) TowReal06.jpg (51092 bytes)
Note the height of the barge (empty?) compared to the work boat. Larger "Trip Class"? tow boat.