Vac-U-Boat's 545 type DC motor for direct-drive installation in scale boats. 

TW103 (bare motor) and TW104 (motor with leads and caps installed).

This is a new DC 545 type motor manufactured by Johnson Motor Company for Vac-U-Boat. This is the standard Vac-U-Tow Towboat motor. 0.125" diameter x 0.53" long smooth shaft. 1.4" diameter x 2.85" long overall. No load speed of 3,100 RPM at 7.45 volts. No load amp draw of 0.22 amps at 7.45 volts. At stall, 2.54 amps at 7.45 volts.  Designed for 13.8 volt automotive use, it can handle 6-volt and 12-volt gel cells. TW103a.jpg (21535 bytes)
Epoxy-computer-balanced 5-pole armature has 75 turns of 0.27mm copper wire. Higher low-speed torque and lower RPM than 3-pole stock motors. Large bronze oil impregnated bushings. Carbon brushes. One internal capacitor on the negative terminal. This motor can direct-drive a 1.75" scale prop with cool-quiet performance. TW103b.jpg (30478 bytes)
The TW104 includes color-coded 16 gauge 6-1/2" insulated leads with brass 1/8" bullet terminals insulated with clear silicone sleeves. One external capacitor is installed. One internal capacitor is included in the motor. 

This motor fits the M121 90-degree, and the M122 80-degree motor mounts. 

TW104a.jpg (27206 bytes)
Computer Print-out of Nominal Motor Curves measured at a constant 24 volts. Courtesy of Johnson Electric Engineering Ltd.

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TW103Curves.jpg (42195 bytes)
Motor Outline. Print-out of motor physical specifications. (Metric) Courtesy of Johnson Electric Engineering Ltd.

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TW103Specs.jpg (62601 bytes)