Vac-U-Boat's 385 type DC motor for direct-drive installation in scale boats. 

TG108 (bare motor w/ 2 caps) and TG109 (motor with leads and caps installed).

This is a new DC 385 type motor manufactured by Johnson Motor Company. This is the standard Vac-U-Tug Tugboat motor. 1.130" dia x 1.5" long can (1.68" including the shaft bearing housings) 2.2" overall length with a 0.090" dia shaft that has flutes that increase the diameter to approximately 0.094", roughly 3/32" diameter. (27.5mm dia x 38mm L with 2.3mm shaft) 130 turns of wire. Designed for a hair-dryer. It can handle 7.2 volts up to 12 volt (13.8 volt) lead calcium batteries. Draws approximately 1/2 amp at 7.2 volts with the stock Tug prop.

The shaft is a snug fit to a 3/32" coupling. 

Epoxy-computer-balanced 5-pole armature has 75 turns of 0.27mm copper wire. Higher low-speed torque and lower RPM than 3-pole stock motors. Large bronze oil impregnated bushings. Carbon brushes. This motor can direct-drive a 1.75" scale prop with cool-quiet performance.
The TG109  includes color-coded 16 gauge 6-1/2" insulated leads with brass 1/8" bullet terminals insulated with clear silicone sleeves. Two external capacitors are installed.

Although it has face-mount threaded holes, it is easier to mount using a plastic or metal conduit clamp due to its small size.

PDF of physical specifications (Metric) of a similar motor that has no Stator Ring as the tug motor has. Courtesy of Johnson Electric Engineering Ltd.

Click the photo to link to a 310K Acrobat File.