Photos taken at the October 11th Jacksonville Florida Fun Float 2003. 

Sponsored by the

North Florida O.R.C.A.S., Amelia Island Pirates Flag, And Jacksonville Ship Modelers Society Model boat clubs.


October 11 2003 at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

500 Wonderwood Drive Jacksonville, FL 32233 (904) 249-8688/4700

I don't think I got every boat, but I tried to get most of them. Click to enlarge. Click "back" button to return.

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Ray & Phil were representing the Southeast Boat Modelers. Nice battleship by Hal Mather of the Pirates Flag club. Winner of the "Peoples Choice Award". Close look at detail.
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Even closer. Captain looks ticked! Wonderful fiberglass work by Andy. His Chris-Craft and Tuna Boat.
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Warren's "Happy Hunter" salvage tug and Ray's "Helen" Trawler. Bill McNeal's scratch-built Theodore and Billings Coast Guard motor life boat. His eyes move left and right.
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Uncle Sam. Three cruisers. Nice detail on all three.
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Bill's Polo Tug with a barge. Battleship under construction. More fooling around with the barge.
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Hal brought this awesome "Mister Darby", built by Lawrence Goldberg. Pete's Portable Push Boat. Pete's Judith Ann
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Pete's Hailey B., a Dumas Victory Tug Pete's Coast Guard Motor Life Boat by Dumas. Some construction details. Styrene sheet.
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More details. Wooden Push Boat. Nautilus, Disney version.
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Coast Guard Life Boat. Now for a few Vac-U-Cam photos. Andy's tuna boat. Lifelike Lifeboat.
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Tough break for some. Actually a "sinking ship" bouy that Bill made. Bill's great lighthouse. The crowd.
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Bill McNeal taking pictures. Warren's "Happy Hunter" salvage tug. Jim Carter's Mr. Darby looking big on the water.
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"Washington crossing the Deleware" comes to mind. Tending the Nautilus. Stormy seas guarded over by the lighthouse.
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Pictures from Bill McNeal in the canoe. Great overall view. Thing in the center water is an automatic fish feeder. Tables under the pavillion.
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Nice Helen. SP Yacht zipping along. The classic Vac-U-Tug Jr.
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Just to prove there was one sail boat present!