Delivered today.  Everything pristine.  I am an experienced modeler.  Only boats.  Scratch built and up.  I have seen your products on the market for years.  Nice touch to include some tools.  In the past I have gone to the extent to sand down the tips of the wooden spring type clothes pins to grab closer to the work.  Cracked me up when I saw the clothes pins.  I am very pleased with the workmanship and to the extent you have gone to make a high quality product.  I will not hesitate to pass the praise along to any modeler.  Thank you. James   

Hi Phil, the kit arrived today safe and sound, and I have to say that I am impressed. It's a good looking kit. Almost too pretty to build! I'll probably start on her next week, as I have the week off. I'll let you know how she turns out. Also, I might do a build log on RCgroups. Thanks for the quick shipping and great kit! Cash  Phil, here's a link to my RCG build log. Hope I did right by you and the kit. If you like, you can use any pics and/or info you want.   Have a good'un!! Cash

Last weekend I was able to modify my rudder assy. The reason for this (modification) was the rudder assy was kicking up prematurely due to the resistance in the water and not due to debris. In this case what I did was drill a hole through the rudder holder and rudder (center of top edge of rudder approx 1mm in diameter) to accommodate inserting a piece of solder through it. I chose solder because I thought it would be hard enough to resist premature rudder kickback and soft enough not to elongate the plastic rudder holder/housing. Phil, this 1mm piece of solder did the job. It holds the rudder down while at speed. Again, I let you know that I am not running the recommended power. Currently it runs a 28-45-3125 motor, 60A ESC and 2S battery. This is just enough power to drive the boat running "wet"....too much power if you set up for "dryer" set up. In rougher water condition, when boat gets air, very evident that boat is power torquing over. Need to be very careful applying power when boat makes contact with the water. Usually will torque roll over or spin in roll over. Doesn't touch too much water going down the straight!!! Just chimes and airs! Just wanted to let you know we're having a blast! Every Saturday we have 1/10Cbox races! dunlap's, mrp's, and a couple more I don't know the name of. Aloha, Kyle

First, let me say this, "You have hit the nail on the head" with this boat. As you know I have all of your kits and I'm excited to get building on this one, the Vac-U-Cracker. Most of all can't wait to get it on the water. It looks to be a straight forward build. I have read the instructions and see that it will go just fine, talk about holding someone's hand, you sure have done it with this one. I'll let you know how she acts on Western waters. I know that eyes will be watching as I turn the first laps! Jim

Phil,  After yesterday's visit to the pond to see Billy's Vac-U-Cracker run at frightening speeds without any tendency to flip, I was kicking myself for not having taken one of your kits last month. Please take time away from your Alligator and make more Vac-U-Crackers! Dave

Good deal !!!!. Great price, also. I'll be ordering later tonight, after talking to my friends down in Sarasota to see if they want one also.  Your assembly instructions are outstanding and very clear. Reed

Last night I was looking for a new project for my birthday when i ran across your Killer Vac-U-Cracker. I read through the instructions and the high quality of the kit is top of the line, the very best I have ever seen in a plastic hull. Normally when I buy a plastic hull there is usually a lot of beefing up needed, like when I bought my Hobby Lobby Electro Vee hull. I have already told some of my boating friends about your Cracker and they want one too. Ralph