Vac-U-Cracker 1:10 Scale Crackerbox Kit

Vac-U-Pickle 1:13 Scale Pickle Fork Hydroplane Kit


Feedback, Tips, & Recommendations From Owners

For now, please refer to the Tug's Painting Tips at the link below. The same rules apply as it is made of the same materials. More details as more boats are built!

Painting Tips

Krylon Fusion, or Hobby Enamels in general, are not so glossy. Look for this new color in Hobby Lobby stores. (Only place I've found it so far.) Krylon Fusion Mystic Prism Effect. It is a fine metallic clear coat. Sprays clear. Adds gloss to regular Krylon Fusion colors, but only if sprayed 2-3 coats and allowed to dry (flash) fully between coats. I have heard of a few cans that spray brownish. Should be clear. Factory will replace any defective mix cans. Test spray on white first. Thick coat may look a bit milky. No worries, becomes clear when it dries. FusionMystic.jpg (38100 bytes)