Vac-U-Cracker 1:10 Scale Crackerbox Kit


Feedback, Tips, Maintenance & Recommendations From Owners


Motor Break-In Procedure



R.O.A.R. Legal Stock Crackerbox Motors

Clubs may have a favorite motor. Ask yours. Please send any recommendations or feedback on R.O.A.R. motor choice and any prep or details we need to know.

Southeast Boat Modelers races Crackerboxes with  this Trinity Monster Stock Pro Motor.  This motor meets all ROAR and NORRCA racing requirements. Has a nice balance of high speed and good torque.  MotorTrinMonstPro.jpg (18733 bytes)
Trinity P2K2 Pro Motor. Also ROAR legal. Greater torque than the Monster, but a little less speed. We are trying a couple to see if the increased acceleration coming out of a turn will overcome the slower speed with the stock Octura X431 prop.  MotorP2K2Pro.jpg (19320 bytes)

Modified Unlimited Crackerbox Motors

(Not really unlimited. 6-cells and any kind of brushed motor is our one rule.)

Brushless Crackerbox Motors/Controllers

(It was bound to happen sooner or later...)