Photos taken at the June 12, 2004 Chattanooga  Model Boat Club 2004 Invitational Scale Regatta. 

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Great Regatta! Lots of fun and prizes. The Atlanta folk took several prizes. Casey won first place in the Navigation Course, Phil won third. Doug's "Miss Adventure was awarded Best RC Model by peer vote. Bruce's Santa Maria won first place in the Static Competition. I didn't attend the fast electric racing the following Sunday. If you have any sharp photos, please send them to me! Thanks, Phil 

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Sondra's "Miss Adventure" took first place in the Scale RC category. Sit. Good boy! Flawless planking. Leather upholstery. Lots of Urethane on top. Runs well too!
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Ray's "Lady Frances" an Artesania Latina Helen model. Looks Irish! Dave's steamy trio: 2 USE and 1 Midwest powered. All scratch-built.
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Dave's Midwest "Jim Wilder No. 2" Modified cabin from museum photos of the real boat. USE engine in sidewheel model.
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Dave sings Light My Fire as he ignites the Esbit fuel tabs. Even the parrot looks ticked. I think he is waiting on Dave to light the burners! Close of the Unit Steam Engine less boiler. Single cylinder, oscillating. (No reverse)
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Dave's Vac-U-Tug. Not at all like the instructions said it would look... Very nice! Dave's Dumas Victory Tug. (Don't cut in the scuppers if you build this kit!) Word of warning from Dave.
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Jay's Riva Aqua Riva Runabout Sea Fog, an Italian-built speedboat. One was owned by Aristotle Onasis. Note the ignition keys! This Mamoli model is powered by Dumas 900BB motors. Nice custom vinyl lettering.
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Jay's Amsterdam Tug Nice detail of this tiny boat on the deck. Crackerbox, Zig Zag, etc... on Billy Sims' table.
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Bill's Fife, a scratch-built wooden hull patterned after the "Helen".  No lack of detail on deck! A scaled-down Midwest Dory. Inside a Fast Electric.
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In the pits with Gowan. Doug trying out the Navigation Course. Mike's Dumas PT boat's trials.
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Can't wait to see it finished. Ray's Jean Ann on display. Buddy's Dauntless.
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Dave's steam launch. Scratch built out of a plan from Marine Modeler magazine. Powered by a U.S.E. steam engine. Jay's "King Of The Mississippi". One of the prettiest riverboats to never exist. A Model Expo Antelope sternwheeler kit. After months of researching, he found out that it exists only as a model, never a real boat!
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Jay's Victorian-era steam launch. A Model Expo "Eloise". Looks like a real steam engine. Some of these boats still operate on the Thames river  Buddy's "Arden Lee" in the Steamboat Race.
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"Arden Lee" on display. a German Krick "Victoria" kit steam launch. Twin cylinder Cheddar steam engine. And Boiler.
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Inside the cabin. Bruce's Nina  Bruce's Santa Maria won first place in the Static Competition.
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Dave's New Bedford Whaleboat from Model Expo. Knife and gimbaled compass. Oars and lashings.
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Bruce's Ancient Model (75+ years old) that he gilded and jeweled. Casey's Booth Bay Lobster Boat. Vac-U-Tow on a broadside push on Doug's AE Cruiser.
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Buddy and Dave discovering it is best to leave the numbers on the boats until after the awards are passed out... Buddy giving Casey the First Place RC prize! Dave winding up a great day. Just too tired to move around much....
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I was just about to smile. No...really...