New Toolbox that fits the Tug, Crackerbox & Towboats

I just spotted this today. Not as roomy or durable as the old Contico box, but still better than hauling it around without some kind of protection.

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Northern Tools. $19.99 online or $22.95 at their retail stores. The handle inserts on either end shorten its interior to only 21-7/8 inches. But it still will hold the Vac-U-Tug with a bit of room to spare.
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Due to the lid tray inserts, you have to set the pilot house aside to close the lid. Holds the towboat with the pilot house set on the stern. If you cut out the handle inserts and replaced with thin ply, you may have room for the radio inside. The lid has removable parts trays. The tray holder will accommodate a stick radio. Add a miniature bungee cord to hold it in place.
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Pistol radios will fit too. Like the Contico box, when the box is empty, it tends to tip over backwards when you open the lid. The interior is wide enough for the Crackerbox.
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Storing a transmitter can be tricky. But, it can hold most types with some work. Unscrewing the antenna lets you fit a newer Futaba 3PM. 
Available online at

Item #178069

Online and at their retail stores.