Photos and Videos of Vac-U-Pickle™ Boats submitted by owners.

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82 Photos of the 2008 All-Star Hydro Shoot-Out in Florida. Click HERE!

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Another Pickle by Kyle Can't miss this hull number. Good decal work.
Kyle's Atlas Van Lines Built using all UL-1 components. Nice Detail!
Stephen L's Pickle. Used a Tamiya Spray Pack to paint the boat.
Feigao 11L 2734 rpm/v motor, Hextronic 120 Amp ESC, Thunder Power 3,300 mAh 4s Lipo. and a 436 prop = 100 km/hr on the water.
Thomas H's Pickle Feigo 9L Brushless Motor, Castle Barracuda 80 ESC and a GEKO GPS to verify just how fast this boat can go!
Bill's Pickle Note the matching PVC boat stand. Looks ready to race!
Rod's Desperado J-45.  Can you still see the Vac-U-Pickle under the changes? Based on a 70's J or H Class Hydro in 1:10 scale. Great looking driver. He started with the Prototype Cowl with clever modifications, produced this sweet boat.
Dick's What a Pickle Solinger Hardware Clean built boat!
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Chris's Brushed LSH Rick's
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Brushed LSH John's  Brushed LSH
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Doug's Brushed LSH