TugClear1.jpg (27196 bytes)

Clear Vac-U-Tug

Hull formed from .040 PETG Clear to show you what is going on inside...

This will show the arrangement of the front ballast, motor tray at the center and the rear ballast. TugClear2.jpg (28735 bytes)
In this model the ballast is #8 lead shot to keep the center of gravity as low as possible for stability. TugClear3.jpg (22121 bytes)
The rub rail surrounds the model protecting other boats from damage caused by collision. TugClear4.jpg (29194 bytes)
The white material is dry plaster-filled epoxy used to secure the skeg and stern tube. The ballast further reinforces the stern tube and dampens any vibration in the drivetrain.  TugClear5.jpg (30128 bytes)
Slots in the rear of the motor tray allow it to be removed for service after the model is built.  TugClear6.jpg (40504 bytes)
This shows a close detail of the skeg and rudder installation. The rudder arm and pushrod are visible as well. TugClear7.jpg (34988 bytes)