5-pole 545 motor installed by Philip Sarelis, Web Skipper for the Ann Arbor Model Yacht Club, MI.


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This is Philip's tug. Rather normal looking from the outside. I like the red light on top. TugPhilipS8.jpg (25184 bytes)
This is the tug with a 545 motor and 40mm 4 blade brass prop and 12 volts, named simply, The Wolverine.   TugPhilipS4.jpg (23839 bytes)
The larger 545 motor is recessed further up into the motor tray so it will be centered to the prop shaft. The hull & deck are joined with a non-hardening silicone RTV (Safe for oxygen sensors, doesn't give off a vinegar-smell acetic acid, won't corrode circutry.) sealant so it can be taken apart for easier service or repairs. TugPhilipS5.jpg (26350 bytes)
The two 5 cell packs in series sit well in the hull. There is plenty of room to fit a r/c car heat sink on the motor and a fan.  The idea of the 545 with the larger prop is to run at lower rpm to do the same work as the 380 and small prop so everything will run cooler.  It purrs.
TugPhilipS7.jpg (28419 bytes)
You'll see the tug pushing 2 Fairwind yachts that are joined at the Jib boom. The attachment hole of one Jib boom got caught under the railing of the other. The Fairwind yachts are 36 inches long.  
TugPhilipS1.jpg (42760 bytes)
 Pretty cool that the tug had full control over both and turned them any which way as if they weren't there. I had the tug do a 360 so everyone could get a photo of the once in a lifetime event. TugPhilipS2.jpg (38005 bytes)
The working strobe serves as a defensive driving tactic so it won't be run over during a regatta while pursuing a disabled yacht.  Bobber lights also make good Navigation lights.

Philip S.

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