TV Tug 

Transmits sound and video from the pilot house using a black & white video baby monitor.

Video baby monitor is a 900 MHz black & white "Delstar" brand kit with monitor, sold at for as little as $129.00 "on sale" last year. They presently list an "Emerson" model Cat# 980-0768 (shown in the photo) for $249 list price but that is too much for a B&W outfit.  

Similar models are sold by stores in electronics and baby accessories sections. It uses 8 AA batteries for power and has a ring of infared LEDs to see in the dark.

BabyMonitor.jpg (6586 bytes)
Cut a 1/8" thick plywood rectangle 4-7/8" wide by 2-1/4". (Same width as the Motor Tray)  TugTV05.jpg (22213 bytes)
Insert the plywood shelf in front of the Motor Tray. Tape along the edges to secure. 


TugTV04.jpg (23780 bytes)
Set the camera onto the shelf and measure the location of the lens relative to the Pilot House. TugTV03.jpg (20869 bytes)
Install the Pilot House and locate the measurement. Conservatively cut away portions of the pilot house to allow the camera to fit and see ahead.  TugTV02.jpg (19898 bytes)
Trim the roof to cover the camera and give the boat a finished appearance. TugTV01.jpg (22860 bytes)
In bright sunlight, the picture from the camera may be "washed out", very little contrast. Position a lens cut from a pair of sunglasses over it for better contrast.  CamBoatXbig.jpg (23601 bytes)