Kevin's "Little Noah"

This is Kevin's "Little Noah". Kevin created additional decals and a sweet looking Vac-U-Boat logo on the boat stand. A link to his Custom Vinyl Graphics business is on the Handy Links page. Kevin01.jpg (17472 bytes)
Notice the windows and portholes are cut out with clear plastic windows attached. (These are not factory parts!) Some people just have to tinker with things. Kevin02.jpg (21327 bytes)
Kevin used a "Deans" antenna, Billings life preservers, Model Expo railing uprights, portholes, and cleats, all from Model Expo. The rails are brass tubing from your local hobby shop. I've ordered my catalog from Kevin03.jpg (15951 bytes)
Kevin installed a back hatch over the rear deck. He first reinforced the deck with square tubing, then mounted the hatch with countersunk screws.  Kevin04.jpg (18628 bytes)
Notice the cleats on the bulwark and the life preserver. 

The hatch gives easier access to the drive coupling. A small amount of sealant under the edges of the hatch will prevent leaks from water on the deck. 

Kevin05.jpg (18848 bytes)
This shows his hatch when removed. The motor-shaft coupling, rudder push rod, and the stern BB ballast weights are shown.  Kevin07.jpg (15202 bytes)
This view shows the bow ballast weights, taken through the cabin roof, with the pilot house removed. He didn't cut out the entire cabin roof. Instead he left a center portion and reinforced it underneath. The antenna mount stud is visible at the center. 
 This shows the antenna and how it is used to secure the cabin roof in place, screwed over the mounting  stud shown two photos up. If Velcro had been used, the force of flexing the pilot house off of the cabin could break the railings. I wonder what he did with the left over Velcro? Kevin09.jpg (18211 bytes)
His wiring is much less confused looking than mine! Note the extra plastic mounting the on/off switch and speed control on the motor tray. Kevin08.jpg (16489 bytes)
Nice look. I am inspired enough to consider some extras on my next build.  Kevin10.jpg (16580 bytes)