Jim M's Tug Build (And Sinking) Details

Click to enlarge the photos below.

Jim was nice enough to show us these valuable tips on making some slick scale model details out of common household items. JimMTug5.jpg (91496 bytes)
Who would have thought to make a radar from a straw.  JimMTug6.jpg (81092 bytes)
Next time, follow your spouse into the sewing shop and look around for stuff like this. 


JimMTug7.jpg (63799 bytes)
He did cheat a bit by using some towboat parts. I should start molding stairs for general use! JimMTug8.jpg (73188 bytes)

And then one day....

Last picture before going down October 15, 2005. JimMTug9.jpg (120382 bytes)
Jimmy O. coming out to help but the Old 8140 was not to be found. JimMTug14.jpg (140031 bytes)
Later, he was looking at picture of the steam launch and there she was at the top of the launch, a slight outline in the sediment. JimMTug11.jpg (84423 bytes)
Here is a picture of her in "Davey Jones locker" about 3 feet from the shore line where currents pushed it. Poor tug!
JimMTug10.jpg (79635 bytes)
Here is her picture, right after she was pulled out. JimMTug12.jpg (171342 bytes)
Here is another picture of the tug right after it was returned to Jim. Like the weathering job?? JimMTug13.jpg (443023 bytes)
After getting home, he stripped all the electrics out and put them into WD-40 and cleaned them up as fast as he could.
The tug was pulled out Dec 3, 05. The battery pack still had a charge in it, so he discharged it and re-charged it and it held a full charge overnight, the motor ran and then stopped after he blew it out with air. He took it apart and there, bound up in the armature were 3 fresh water snail shells, so he dug them out and cleaned up the armature and brushes and she runs great!
The servo works, but the receiver and speed control bit the dust. The "Old 8140" ready for their next meet on the 17th of Dec.