Frank's Convertible Tug/Camera Boat

Frank hangs with our club in Snellville GA. He can do spectacular things with a humble model like the Tug Jr. Here you see another prototype, from deep within the secret files of our R&D Department.  Frank1.jpg (68403 bytes)
You have set the club marks for the sail course. Ready to take some pictures? Pop off the tug superstructure, attach the Camera Deck, and Voila! Vac-U-Cam is ready for some serious photography! Frank2.jpg (63531 bytes)
Clear windows, real port holes, 1/2" life preservers, nice scratch built metal railings. Note the 4th Monster Truck tire was used as a Bow Bumper. The other three were split in half, notched and glued to the rub rail. Frank3.jpg (40274 bytes)
The superstructure is held in place with two small pieces of Velcro. The seam to the deck is almost invisible. Behind the coiled tow line you will see the radio on/off switch and a charging plug.  Frank4.jpg (43129 bytes)
Built with the primary duty of towing marks for sail boats, this tug also has an elongated skeg with attached tow loop. Great work Frank.  Frank5.jpg (56318 bytes)