Dan L's Vac-U-Tug

Construction details on a highly-modified tug.

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As built as the “ROSCO”. Includes operating lights, horn, fire monitor, winch, smoke, added scuppers and bollards, and the optional power upgrade. Superstructure. Mostly scratch built.

DanLTug1.jpg (75176 bytes)
Mast detail. Two forward white lights and rear yellow and white (towing lights) are LEDs. Flag is laser printed paper formed and sprayed with Krylon matte acrylic.
DanLTug2.jpg (82791 bytes)
Searchlight is modified “D-ring” key chain light (2 for $1.99 at Walgreens) with super-bright LED. DanLTug3.jpg (72363 bytes)
Not quite finished – some cabin/deck lights and a couple of railings to add. DanLTug4.jpg (80757 bytes)
Stack with aluminum tube liner to protect ABS from heat of “fog-juice” smoke unit. Life raft module rotates – attached to “on-off-charge” switch. DanLTug5.jpg (71601 bytes)
Rear deck. Winch works – servo drive and reel is inside cabin. Winch reel is “dummy”. Deck pattern is fine mesh fabric laid on styrene deck and washed with liquid solvent cement to bond it. Finished with paint and satin clearcoat. Bollards are brass tubes with nailheads as endcaps. DanLTug6.jpg (97155 bytes)
Non-prototypical prop, but it really can move - both speed and load. Rosco is our dog – has a passion for “tugging”. Stack “DL” and “Rosco” decals done on white laser decal paper.
Not a Billings or Dumas, but built over less than 2 months, stable and dry in the water, great (non-frustrating) instructions and a lot of fun.
DanLTug7.jpg (69391 bytes)
Later, Dan will have more pics showing a rescue system in action.