Hi Phil this email was long over due. Just wanted to let you know that my new Pickle is the best and most fun boat I've ever owned. Thanks again Brad.
  Finally got a chance to take out Miss Dillicious. Below is a summary of the performance and how it compares to the UL-1. This is only my humble opinion, I'm sure any talented racer could get either of these boats to outrun one another. Remember that all of the electronics and hardware are identical to the UL-1, so this is a comparison of the HULL ONLY!!! (batts, ESC, motor, rudder, strut, etc... were identical)

The pickle has incredible steering response. The narrower transom allows for some tight turns. I think it is very similar to a water ski. The bottom heal of a water ski is smaller with skis that can cut easier. The down side is usually lack of stability. You can't run on rails if you want to turn on dimes.
Advantage: Pickle

Miss D was clocked at 45mph with the X440. The huge GPS had to sit up in the cowl which increased the height of the CG and added more weight behind the sponsons (NOT WHERE YOU WANT IT!!!). The water was a little choppy and she really didn't get a smooth balls out full throttle, so I think she definitely has 48-50mph in her.
Advantage: None. My UL-1 was clocked at 44mph with the same set-up.

The UL-1 seals VERY well with the "drop tub" design. However, the seams are easily damaged and typically start taking in water by the 2nd or 3rd blow over. The pickle cowl design is outstanding. No nose pc to tape down. I've driven it 10 times now without a single drop of water coming in (not even through the stuffing tube!!). That counts various times of 5 minutes or so upside down! Strange, but this is the most important factor for me when I buy a boat....afterall, it has to float!
Advantage: Pickle

Hands down, the pickle is more durable than the UL-1. Did I mention I slammed into our dock yesterday? Don't ask! Anyways, it dented and "popped out" like a pc of tupperware! I also dropped an entire set of allen wrenches on top of the sponsons last week without a scratch. Needless to say, I'm impressed. The UL-1 deck separated from the hull after 2 or 3 blowovers. Not cool.  I remember when fiberglass hulls (old Dumas, Aeromarine, etc...) were VERY THICK and DURABLE. The flip side is they were very heavy too.
Advantage: Hands Down Pickle!

This is a tough one. The UL-1 in theory should be more stable with the wider stance, however, the out of the box quality of the bottom is horrendous. Not a flat surface in sight. My UL-1 did a dance from sponson to sponson until I added ride pads. The pickle did not dance as much as the UL-1, but occasionally rolled when a "real boat" wake approached. A lot can be tweaked here with weights and such, but I think the UL-1 has a slight advantage here (assuming you clean up the bottom)
Advantage: UL-1

In summary, I prefer the pickle because of the durability and sealability. I just don't have time to do fiberglass repairs every week! I still respect the UL-1 though. Nothing like hand laid fiberglass. So, don't get me wrong..... She's the best "RTR" you can buy IMO. She's nice on the inside......I just don't like her body! Some extra meat on her bones would do her good.

Hi,  After running my UL-1 powered pickle in LS hydro this past weekend I've been told that I now have a target on my backside after 'blowing their cowls off' :). Methinks you may get some additional orders for pickles from the WI/MN folks. Boat was fast and relatively well mannered using an x640 prop. Rex

Phil,  Great Boat!  Everything about it is 100% class.  The looks, construction, instructions (including the one-liner notes in each hardware bag which were very helpful), and even the packing job was great!  I'll let you know how the UL-1 hardware and powertrain work out.  Thanks again.  Pete

Phil,  I received the hydro yesterday - and it looks fantastic!  It is an excellent product and I'll be sure to show it around our club - you might get more orders! I am really happy with it. Scott

Its taken a bit long to finish but I have built up one of the kits. Motor - Feigao 11L  2734rpm/v, ESC Hextronic 120 amp, Battery - Thunder Power 4S 3300mah 25C. (350 grams) Having only just finished it and raced it on Sunday there is some setup to improve on mainly C of G and prop selection. Initially it was too flighty, but tucking 3 Rx batterys (320grams) in the front and propping down to a 436 seems to keep it on the water and still with some awesome speed approx 90km/h. Overall, I am very happy with, being my first electric hull. Oh and something that could be added to your webpage on painting plastic is using Tamiya spray packs, very good quality and easy to use. Happy Boating! Stephen.

I usually don't buy plastic boats verses fiberglass, but, this one seems to be really stout and durable. The molded in "riblets" add a lot of flex strength and the plywood infrastructure looks real strong. This is going to be a fun build. Hope I can do it justice with a good paint job, my weakness. Thanks for the quick delivery. Tom

I know you are going to be pretty busy with this hydro. Jim Coker tested out his Vac-U-Pickle and it passed out the Super-V-27 like it was standing still. What a great design, thanks. Bill

Hi our two "Pickels". All I can say is "wow"!!! My son's and I have bought many "plastic" hulls over the years, including
Graupner, probably the best, up until now. Your quality and construction puts you "head and shoulders" above the rest!!!! We can hardly
wait for your anticipated "Vac-U- Shovel". Norm ----MMEU rc boat club

The boat arrived today! I can't believe how well the paint turned out, its fantastic!! ... Thanks very much for mailing out the vinyl windshield. I put it on today, and it really finishes the boat off nice. Been having a great time with the boat. I think I've pretty much got it set up nicely. What a fun boat!!  David

Very nice. I love the site. You have done that hull better than anyone else. I especially like the full width tunnel without the sump. This should translate to a loose, but stable ride at the high end of the power spectrum. Thanks for bringing this one out. Garry

Phil, I received my Vac-U-Pickle yesterday. I have never been so excited to open a box! When I did, I was amazed & impressed with the quality. I knew all the great things being said by those lucky enough to get one early, but it's so much better when you have one in hand. The quality is superb, the price point is outstanding, and all that I can ask for is a Budweiser cowl is on the "to do" list! (hint hint) =) Thank you once again for an awesome product! Danny (a.k.a. Diegoboy) Virginia Beach VA

WHAT a NICE boat! One of the nicest ABS boats I've ever seen... Actually, it's not ABS, but HIPS, High-Impact Styrene. It's about on par with Graupner quality. You won't believe how rigid this thing is! Came JUST like you see it here... I took it out of the package and started taking pics... Heck... I could have hardware mounted in it in an evening and be racing a white boat by morning! 1lbs 13oz as you see it here... 26 1/2" or so... Phil is working on more cowls for it... including the Oberto style... (which I WILL be getting when they arrive! ) Servo mounting location set... motor mount location set... Man... this is a  NO BRAINER!! WAY TO GO PHIL PACE!!   Darin