Mike's Bass Boat

Check with your state's fishing regulations before trying this one. May not be legal in all 50 states!

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Now this scares me a bit. Of course the tug is sealed tight but is liable to become one big bobber if a hawg catches the lure! MichaelFishTug4.jpg (21137 bytes)
Mike bought a Motor Upgrade Kit but didn't use the smaller propeller. Instead, he kept the 4 blade prop and added a cooling fan powered by the BEC on the speed control. It will overheat but he promised to be careful... The extra power was certainly necessary. MichaelFishTug3.jpg (45062 bytes)
"While visiting my folks last summer, my brothers and I got bored catching lunker bass the traditional way. I decided to rig the tug for fishing. I had a hard point on the stern of the tug where I tied a 4 foot nylon leader. On the other end of the leader I had a 3" or larger bobber. From the bobber I had a 2-3 foot fishing line to a Rapala crank bait lure." MichaelFishTug2.jpg (25176 bytes)
"We had a great time and lost count of how many fish we caught. The biggest was a 20" Large Mouth Bass. Maybe with the newly installed power up-grade, I'll try Muskee this summer."

Unlike me, he has a digital radio where he can set the throttle limit to 25% which allows him to cruise at normal hull-speed with the powerful setup, without overheating the motor. He also uses the extra power to recover his ODOM sailboat.

MichaelFishTug1.jpg (34132 bytes)